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With over 300 years of Airline, OEM and MRO Technical and Management experience, coupled with a small group of associate experts, DAES Consulting provides support in business-, operational-  and technical excellence. Signup to receive DAES Group news and offers

About – What we do:

  • DAES Consulting is a member of the DAES Group of Companies. 
  • The DAES Group of companies is privately owned and started in 1994
  • The Group is registered in Texas, US and the operational HQ is in Arlington, Texas
  • DAES Consulting, formally Global Aero Resources and Associates is headquartered in Dubai UAE
  • DAES Consulting has access to a wide range of consultants with in-depth and specialized knowledge
  • Consultants will be picked to fit the project requirements

Recent projects

MRO Equipment and Process advice to ME Air Force

Market study for European Engine OEM

Market Study from ME Engine Facility

MRO Equipment selection for ME W&B facility

Business Development Plan for Asia Pacific MRO facility

Equipment selection for ME MRO Machine Shop

Market Strategy for Canadian Coating Company

What we offer

  • Strategic Initiatives

  • Business Development and Growth Plans

  • Competitive benchmarking

  • Market Strategies, Trends and Forecasting

  • Organizational Development

  • Operational Management - World Class, Lean, Productivity Improvements

  • Capability Development - Process and Component Repair

  • Quality Management – Compliance and Audit Support


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